Texas hunters kidnapped after cartel shootout say captors ‘did not hurt us in any way’

Two Texas deer hunters who were kidnapped by Mexican cartel gunmen said their captors assured them they “don’t hurt Americans” — and even washed one of their trucks, according to a new report.

Donald Chapman, 62, and his nephew, Colby Williams, 30, were out on a 10,000-acre ranch Sunday during a weekend hunting trip to Mexico when the cartel members, or sicarios, approached and commanded them to get on the ground, they .

As soon as they obeyed, the Mexicans threw their guns over their shoulders, the men said.

They took the Texans’ rifles and cellphones — but what they were really after was each of their pickup trucks, which were back at the ranch house, the hunters told the Beast.

“They were walking,” Chapman told the outlet. “They were lost.”

The uncle and nephew said they also gave the cartel members — who were hungry and thirsty — both food and water.

“You do those kind of things if you have a weapon at you,” Williams said.

Then the sicarios ordered Chapman and Williams to get in their cars, and help them find their way out of town.

“They used us to get where they wanted to be, which was home and their families,” Williams told the Beast.

Both men said their captors never harmed them.


“They were nice to me, and to be honest with you, did not hurt us in any way,” Williams said.

“Every other word out of their mouth was, ‘No problem, you’ll be OK. We don’t hurt Americans,’” Chapman added.

Eleven hours passed before the sicarios reached their destination, returned the Texans’ belongings and sent them on their way.

Williams was most surprised by the condition of his truck after the lengthy ordeal.

“It seems wild, but they washed our vehicles and put fuel in them,” Williams said.

Chapman said his nephew’s vehicle was detailed as well — but his own was “still dirty.”

Now with full tanks of gas, the Texans made a beeline over the border — and realized that multiple law enforcement agencies were trying to get hold of them.

They also ed their families — who had seen a false report online that they had been murdered.

“They were excited to see our call,” Williams told the Beast.

“We were just lucky the good Lord above took care of us,” he added. “I’ve been on my knees ever since.”

Both men said they’ll never go deer hunting in Mexico again.

The cartel members were apparently part of a convoy involved in the deadly attack in the city of Villa Union that began around 11:45 a.m. Saturday and lasted an hour.

A total of 16 gunmen and four police officers were killed in the carnage, in addition to two civilians who were abducted and slain by their captors — bringing the total number of fatalities to 22.

Government officials have confirmed that the attackers were members of the Cártel del Noreste, or the Northeast Cartel.

The sicarios fled to Nuevo Laredo after the attack, and — even ambushing at least one hearse headed to a funeral.

Four “minors” who were taken by the gunmen were rescued by security forces, officials have said.

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